T.I.N.K. The Last Fairy

Several days have passed since James collapsed due to an unknown illness. His lover, Wendy, visited his hospital room every day, but there were no signs of improvement in James's condition. One day, exhausted Wendy woke up not in her room but in a room with a mystical fairy sitting before her. The fairy's name was Tinker Bell, who claimed to have come from Neverland.

Neverland faces the brink of destruction due to the machinations of Captain Hook, resurrected after 100 years. To reclaim the tainted Fairy Spring from Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, along with Neverland's legendary hero, Peter Pan, had crafted a plan, but Wendy's assistance was essential for its success. Legend has it that Wendy's great-grandmother once adventured in Neverland with Peter Pan and defeated Captain Hook.

Tinker Bell convinced Wendy that reclaiming the Fairy Spring would restore her powers and also awaken James. Moved by her words, Wendy decided to embark on a journey to Neverland.

In this game, players take on the role of Wendy, embarking on a mystical adventure in Neverland to thwart Captain Hook's schemes and recover the Fairy Spring. It's a quest to save her loved one and change the fate of Neverland, marking the beginning of Wendy's new adventure.


OS : Windows 10/11 (64bit)

Display : 1920x1080以上

HDD : 2.5GB以上

GPU : Radeon / GeForceなどの独立GPU推奨

* This work is based on the story of Peter Pan. Please note that it will not be distributed in the UK.

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